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Maison to host Scavenger Hunt - social isolation style

Posted By: Pattie Stratton In: Blog
Date: Wed, Apr 8th 2020 3:08 pm


In this difficult time of social isolation, its important to keep calm and do what we can to flatten the curve. That being said, it's also important to keep our sanity (you moms out there know what we're talking about!) To this end, Maison is hosting a "socially isolated" scavenger hunt. We get it, You've used up all your chalk (and drawing ideas), can't stomach another Disney movie, and just need a reason to get everyone out of their pajamas! Load the kids up and head downtown for a walk, car or golfcart ride and some outdoor fun, with a little learning sneakily thrown in LOL. Download our official Maison Scavenger Hunt map, and join the fun!
We love where we live and yet we don’t often have time to discover Charleston’s many hidden gems. Follow the directions we have laid out to find and learn about many of Charleston's historic homes and businesses and some of the little known fun facts about them.

We hope you enjoy this hunt and please let us tag along #MaisonCharleston