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In 2016, Charleston County residents voted for a half-cent sales tax for transportation and Greenbelt programs.  Funds were included for what came to be called the "Main Road Corridor" which was Main and Bohicket Roads from Bees Ferry to Betsy Kerrison.

Rational Roads was formed in November 2020 by a group of John's Islanders, after Charleston County published their alternatives for Main Road Corridor Segment C.

They believed there were better ways than these proposed alternatives to improve congestion and safety in the Main Road Corridor and that this could be accomplished without destroying our culture and environment.  Of particular concern was saving the live oak canopy on Bohicket Road as well as including the schools on Chisolm Road.

They also believed that safety must be one of the key objectives of the project, but safety was omitted from the County's stated purpose of the project.

Their  plan is based on the belief that the best way to positively improve congestion, safety and mobility on Johns Island is to focus on improving the most congested and dangerous roads first.  This approach has the added advantage of minimizing the impact of these road improvements on the culture and environment of the Island.

After extensive community input, and with the assistance of well-respected transportation consultants, they developed an alternative to the five plans proposed by Charleston County for the Main Road Corridor Project. 

This community led solution is referred to as “Alternative  6”.  In addition to addressing future traffic growth, Alternative 6 addresses current safety, delay, congestion, school access, livability, and traffic enforcement issues.  Fundamentally, Alternative 6 knits the community together and reinforces our sense of place, rather than just moves vehicles through it.  

The group contends that Alt 6 not only has the best environmental score, but is the least costly and the fastest plan to implement. 

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